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The Gjermundbu helmet is the only Viking Age helmet that has been found in Norway. It was found in a burial mound near Haugsbygda in Ringerike in 1943 along with remains of mail armour, 2 spears, 2 axes, 4 shield bosses, spurs stirrups, and several…

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A whalebone plaque, possibly for smoothing linen. Discovered in excavations at Cherrywood, Co. Dublin, and dating to the ninth or tenth century. Similar plaques have been discovered elsewhere in the Viking World and are associated with high-status…

Viking Reenactment by June-Marita Hagen (Norsk).pdf
A discussion of Viking re-enactment.

Original text in Norwegian by June-Marita Hagen of Trondheim Vikinglag.
Translation by Roderick Dale, UCC

The Centre for the Viking Age in Vestfold, Norway

Detail from the Oseberg Ship
The Viking ship museum in Oslo houses the Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune ships together with the grave goods from Oseberg.

Viking Swords in Bergen Museum
The University Museum of Bergen houses a Viking Age exhibition based on excavations at Ytre Moa in Årdal, Sogn, Norway

Mounts reworked as pendants from Slemmedal hoard
The Slemmedal hoard is one of the largest Viking-Age hoards found in Norway. It was found in Grimstad on 19th May 1981, and consisted of 2.3kg of silver and gold artefacts.

TV series from NRK about Norway's Viking Age and medieval past with Arne Hjeltnes and Frode Iversen.

Remains of a Viking Age Tunic
Universitetsmuseenes fotoportal is an online collection of photographs from six Norwegian universities. The link takes you to all Viking Age items

A hiker found a Viking sword when he sat down to rest after a short fishing trip.
During a fishing trip in 2012, Gøran Olsen discovered something between stones at Haukeli. The find is now at the University Museum, and appeared to be a single-edged Viking sword with an estimated date in the first half of the Viking Age…

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Four boat burials and several other burials from the period immediately before the Viking Age were found after a chance metal detector find in Bitterstad, Norway. Excavations on the site showed that the boats were c. 8m long with room for 12 rowers.…

A website for finding monuments in Norway

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Scales and other finds from a site near Steinkjer in Norway show that this was an important trading town. These are the first finds in the area to confirm what is written in the sagas.

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A video that shows the process of making a reconstruction of the Langeid axe. A shorter videos shows the same but in English.

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Norsk historie, sesong 1, episode 2: Nordmennenes land - 800-1270

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An online entry in Store norske leksikon for the Viking Age in Norway

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A short history of the Viking Age and medieval period in Norway with exercises for pupils. These are supplements to the book 'Historie Vg2. Fra de eldste tider til 1700-tallet'.

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Supplementary resources for the book Norges Historie: en innføring
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