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Two rowlocks from Gokstad carved with a mask. They date to the ninth century.

Gokstad (1280x931).jpg
A historical photo of the partly-excavated Gokstad ship in Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway in the 1880s. From the Universitetsmuseens fotoportal

Possible wooden candlesticks. Their actual function is uncertain but it is thought that they were made to hold candles.

The wooden top and bottom of a hunting knapsack. The fabric body has not survived. The lid has a horse carved into it.

Part of a wooden gaming board for playing tafl. One piece is displayed on it to indicate its function. In the foreground is the remains of a cup and a wooden dish.

Although not as showy now, as they would have been in the Viking Age, these peacock feathers are evidence of the wide international network of contacts that the Gokstad man would have had. The burial included two peacocks.
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