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This web page includes printable boards for many of the variants of hnefatafl, the Vikings' board game.

A hnefatafl set at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. Although the board has been printed, the pieces are just stones that have been found. Hnefatafl could be very easily played in this way, by scratching a board onto a convenient flat surface and using…

A poster produced by Anne-Kathrin Schoerner for the Conference 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Englagement' at University College Cork, 25-26 November 2016 (Organised by the World-Tree Project). The hnefatafl players are based on an…

A replica of Rune stone Gs 19 which was destroyed in a fire in the adjacentOkelbo Kyrka,Gästriklands, Sweden. It isone of the so-called Sigurd Stones, which depict scenes from the legend of the Völsungs. It also includes a unique depiction…

Part of a wooden gaming board for playing tafl. One piece is displayed on it to indicate its function. In the foreground is the remains of a cup and a wooden dish.

Lewis chessmen.png
The Lewis chessmen were found in 1831 at Uig on Lewis in the Hebrides. They were probably made in Trondheim, Norway in the late 12th or early 13th century. They are on display at the National Museum of Scotland

A model of one of the Lewis Chessmen warder figures, bought in Stornoway in 2015.

Slides for a paper on the Viking game of tafl. The article outlines the history of tafl games. The slides are downloadable as a pdf

A short article about the Viking game of hnefatafl from Uig Historical Society

2016-07-22 (2).png
A home-made hnefatafl board.
Catcliffe Primary School instructions on how to play the Viking board game called Hnefatafl.
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