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Christina Lee (University of Nottingham), ‘ Forged in Hekla’ s Ashes: Old Norse Myths and German Unification’. Chaired by Matthias Egeler. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

Leszek Gardela (University of Rzeszów)
‘(Re)Discovering the Vikings in Poland: From 19th Century Romantics to Contemporary Warriors’
Plenary Address at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

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Course poster and essay questions for the Burning Desires course at the University of Nottingham. this exhibit gives you an idea of the coverage of the course.

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The School Run is a resource providing additional information and activities for various levels of education in the UK. This link takes you to the Vikings section.

An interview with Dr Sarah Baccianti about the Vikings and their portrayal on the series 'Vikings'

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Vikings: Month of History

Vikings: My journey to the Vikings in The Netherlands

A (mostly) weekly podcast devoted to telling a (mostly) narrative history of the Viking Age. Currently covering the early Viking Age in Ireland and Scotland.

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Entrance to Vikingemuseet, underneath Nordea bank in centre of Århus, Denmark. A three-metre descent by stairs into original Viking Aros (Århus) town - as you walk down past the original layers of earth, stone and human debris, years on the steps…

A handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the origins of sagas: composition and tradition, including a timeline, extracts from sagas, and a reading list.
Every evening around 9pm GMT I read from 'Vikings: Raids. Culture. Legacy' book by Roderick Dale and Marjolein Stern, with permission from Carlton Publishing. Come and join me on Periscope for the live reading of the book: Twitter: @GBVQuest

Viking history to the tune of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. We used clips from documentaries to make this one. The song is very Viking-ish anyway.

An activity sheet for primary school students intended to follow up a visit to Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin. The activity sheet can be freely downloaded…

An activity sheet for primary school students teaching about the vikings and preparing the class for a visit to Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin. The activity sheet can be freely downloaded at…

Replicas of placards used during the demonstrations against the development of the Wood Quay site in Dublin in the 1970s. Dublin City Council's Civic Offices were built on the site of Viking Dublin, after some of the most important excavations of a…

The Online Learning Website from Dublinia features interactive maps of Viking and medieval Dublin, and nine audio visual animations on historical sites in the city, available via a free online platform at

Dublinia interactive map.png
An interactive map of Dublin with a slider allowing a view of the city development through the Viking and Medieval periods. Produced by Dublinia as part of their Online Learning Resources, and available for Primary Level and for Everyone.

Some important dates in the Viking Age, both in Dublin and in the wider Viking World. This is one of the first displays that visitors to Dublinia encounter. For more information, and to arrange a visit, see

A virtual tour of The Rotunda at Dublin City Hall, allowing for close up viewing of the murals, including those with a Viking theme (Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf 1014 A.D / Irishmen oppose the Landing of the Viking Fleet, 841 A.D).
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