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This is a short video to introduce MOIRAI's latest concert project on the Old Norse poetic Edda. More information can be found here:

The website of Moirai, an ensemble founded in Reykjavik in 2015, which specializes in the music of the Early and High Middle Ages, and "focuses on the female figures in the Edda songs. The story of the cursed Rhinegold is told mostly from the…

Recordings of the following can be accessed on this page: Vellekla Ragnarsdrápa Krákumál Egill Skallagrímsson Other texts are read as part of the lessons. Access here

A (mostly) weekly podcast devoted to telling a (mostly) narrative history of the Viking Age. Currently covering the early Viking Age in Ireland and Scotland.

Brynhild Hel Website.mp3
A performance of the Eddic Poem 'Helreið Brynhildar' (Brynhild's Ride to Hel) by the ensemble Moirai (Hanna Marti vocals, and Mara Winter, flute and vocals). Moirai, founded in Reykjavik in 2015,specializes in the music of the Early and High…

Podcast on the BBC website in the series 'The Matter of the North' looking at the impact of the Vikings and Norman invasions on the North of England.

Presented by Melvin Bragg

Professor Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham

Podcast from Le Salon noir, France Culture, broadcast Saturday 9 January at 19:30.
'Dans les pas des invasions vikings' (In the Footsteps of the Viking Invasions') with Vincent Carpentier, medieval archaeologist at Inrap

Viking Language screenshot.jpg
Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.

Donna Heddle - Interview.mp3
An interview with Prof. Donna Heddle, Director of the University of the Highlands and Islands interdisciplinary Centre for Nordic Studies based in Kirkwall. The interview was conducted on the Orkney Viking Heritage Project field trip.

Reading of Skaldic Verse.mp3
Readings of skaldic verse produced for the Orkney Project. Orri Tomasson reads the Old Norse, and David Baker reads the translations of the following poems:

1. Earl Rögnvaldr Kali Kolsson, a Lausavísur from Orkneyinga saga, ch 58 in which he…
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