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The New Introduction to Old Norse Series includes a Grammar, Reader and Glossary. Barnes, Michael. 2008.A New Introduction to Old Norse: Part 1 - Grammar. 3rd edn.London: VSNR. Faulkes, Anthony,…

A useful introductory essay on Skaldic Poetry by Dr Debbie Potts, produced as part of the 'Modern Poets on Viking Poetry' Project and hosted by ASNC at Cambridge.
An introduction to Old Icelandic/Old Norse grammar via a tour of Alaric's Magic Sheet of Old Norse Inflections (available via This video is mainly on asking what Old Icelandic is.

Pronunciation of Old Norse screenshot.jpg
Page on the standard pronunciation of Old Norse by Óskar Guðlaugsson from the website 'Old Norse for Beginners'

Viking Language screenshot.jpg
Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.
What is Old Norse? How old is it? How is it related to English and the other languages of Northern Europe?

In this first video of a planned series, Dr. Jackson Crawford (UC Berkeley) sets out what you need to know about the language in order to…

Viking Sword Pommel
A website in Dutch about the Vikings

Heritage Learning offers a two hour KS2 course on the Saxons and Vikings for primary schools

Viking Trade Board Game
Illustration for board game for 8-12 year old children, based around Viking trade routes and networks. You can print this game out to play it.

The Collection in Lincoln offers Viking workshops for schools as well as loan boxes that can be taken back to the classroom for the students to handle.

Course note for a course about the Vikings from The Danish Club of St Louis
In which John Green teaches you about Vikings! That's right, one of our most requested subjects, the Vikings, right here on Crash Course. So what's the deal with Vikings? Well, the stuff you've heard about them may not be true. The Vikings weren't…

Alaric's_magic_sheet 1.4 Acrobat 5.pdf
A two page sheet giving students a handy reference to paradigms and the essentials of Old Norse grammar. Available to download from's_magic_sheet.pdf
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