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Recordings of the following can be accessed on this page: Vellekla Ragnarsdrápa Krákumál Egill Skallagrímsson Other texts are read as part of the lessons. Access here

A comprehensive Old Norse online course from the University of Texas at Austin, produced by Todd B. Krause and Jonathan Slocum. It is divided into lessons, and covers the main points of Old Norse grammar, as well as reading practice. Access at…

The New Introduction to Old Norse Series includes a Grammar, Reader and Glossary. Barnes, Michael. 2008.A New Introduction to Old Norse: Part 1 - Grammar. 3rd edn.London: VSNR. Faulkes, Anthony,…

An digitised, online, searchable version of the Geir T. Zoëga, 'A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic' (1910) by

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A map of some of the Danish place names with connections to the Norse gods,on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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A poster the days of the week with roots in the names of Norse gods, on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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A poster with some of the modern Danish names with roots in the names of Norse gods and goddesses, on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

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This narrow lane leading up from the south bank of the River Lee in Cork is one of the only place names in the city with possible Norse roots. The name may come from the ON word keisari (meaning emperor) or more likely from keisa, meaning to bend or…

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Webstedet Studér Middelalder På Nettet indeholder danske tekster fra middelalderen i tekstkritiske udgaver. Materialet dækker: perioden ca. 1100-1515; sprogene gammeldansk og latin; genrer som ridderromaner, krøniker og lovtekster; og forskellige…

Dr Maja Bäckvall's blog on Norse imagery and language in modern culture. The blog features many uses of runes in video games, among other topics.

The Nerthus Project aims at compiling a lexicon of Old English based on structural-functional principles. This involves the synthesis of the knowledge generated by a long tradition of philological studies in Old English and its reinterpretation not…

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The Gersum Project, funded by the AHRC, aims to understand Scandinavian influence on English vocabulary by examining the origins of up to 1,600 words in a corpus of Middle English poems from the North of England.

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T-Shirt playing on the placename Twatt (from ON þveit, meaning small area of land), which is common to both Shetland and Orkney. Photographed in a tourist shop in Lerwick.

A blog post about what Ragnarok means by Professor Judith Jesch of the University of Nottingham.
An introduction to Old Icelandic/Old Norse grammar via a tour of Alaric's Magic Sheet of Old Norse Inflections (available via This video is mainly on asking what Old Icelandic is.

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Page on the standard pronunciation of Old Norse by Óskar Guðlaugsson from the website 'Old Norse for Beginners'

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Sample audio clips on the website for the Viking Language Series by Jesse Byock. Includes a reading of the inscription on King Gorm's Rune stone in Jelling, and a reading from the Saga of the Greenlanders.

A blog post about Old Norse greetings and small talk.
What is Old Norse? How old is it? How is it related to English and the other languages of Northern Europe?

In this first video of a planned series, Dr. Jackson Crawford (UC Berkeley) sets out what you need to know about the language in order to…

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A leaflet produced by Shetland Amenity Trust, giving information about Shetland's Norse place names
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