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A poster from 1957 by Trygve B. Pedersen for Norwegian American Line, with the slogan ''Norway - Enjoy Your Trip Go By Ship'.

Poster from the 1930s advertising Scandinavia as a travel destination with the slogan 'See the Lands of the Vikings'. A. Bortzells TR. AB. STMLN

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A 30m replica ship based on the ninth or tenth-century Ladby ship burial in the Roskilde Fjord. It was reconstructed by Viking Tours. The boat can be sailed but also has a motor, and can be hired out for tours.

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A 2/3 sized replica touring ship based on the Norwegian Gokstad ship (c. 900), and produced by Viking Tours. The boat can be sailed but also has a motor, and can be hired out for tours.

Keyrings decorated with the Gjermundbu helmet spotted at the ticket booth in Oslo harbour.

A selection of Viking-themed souvenirs in a shop window in Oslo. They include Viking longship tea-light holder, Viking trolls, a horned helmet, drinking horns and a pewter Viking ship.

A tour bus in Oslo with a Viking with horned helmet on the side.

Plaques on the streets of Dublin showing the types of Viking Age finds found in the areas around them.

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, the oldest sections of which date from the 1230s, was founded c. 1030 by the Hiberno-Norse King Sitric (Sigtryggr) on this site. Christ Church stood on higher ground on the edge of the Viking settlement around Wood…

An information board outside Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, which refers to the founding of the first church on this site by the Hiberno-Norse King Sitric (or Sigtryggr) around the year 1030.

A virtual tour of The Rotunda at Dublin City Hall, allowing for close up viewing of the murals, including those with a Viking theme (Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf 1014 A.D / Irishmen oppose the Landing of the Viking Fleet, 841 A.D).

This company offers horse riding tours in the Reykjavik area, and draws on the Viking origin of Iceland's distinctive breed of horses in their branding and logo, which features Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged horse).

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An interactive Viking-themed tour in Dublin. Photographed in Dublin, August 2016.The amphibious vehicles are named after Norse gods.As described on the Viking Splashwebsite: "Let the Vikings show you the sites and scenes of the capital city from a…

Fishamble street is one of the oldest streets in Dublin, and dates back to the Viking longphort, which was established as a permanent settlement by 841. Fishamble street was in the eastern side of the settlement, with Winetavern Street marking the…

Three walking tours of medieval Dublin with maps, produced by The third tour is named 'Dublinia', starting from this Viking interpretative centre, and focusing on the Viking history of this area of Dublin.

A short walking tour of Dublin's Viking and Medieval sites from the website

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Layout of a plot excavated in 1980-81 at Wood's Quay / Fishamble Street in Dublin, and dating to the eleventh century. The plot includes several dwellings and connecting walkways. Erected by the National Museum of Ireland and the Dublin Corporation…

King Sitric, 'Silkbeard', Norse King of Dublin, who 'had an Irish mother and he married a daughter of Brian Boru', features as one of ten 'Impressions of Ireland' symbols on a ring produced by Ogham Designs. Sitric (or Sigtrygg II Silkbeard…

Postcard depicting a modern commemorative "runestone" in the Jardin des Plantes, Rouen – a gift from the Kingdom of Norway. "In 1911 the city of Rouen celebrated the millenium of the founding of the Duchy of Normandy and the baptism of the…

Postcard from 1900 featuring the younger Jelling stone, DR 42. The inscription reads: Jelling. Runstenen med Dragebilledet og det ældste Kristusbillede i Norden (Jelling: The rune stone with dragon design and the oldest depiction of Christ in…
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