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Pair of non-matching stirrups, iron and brass, excavated near Magdalen Bridge in Oxford. Anglo-Scandinavian, 950-1050.

Spur, tinned iron. Anglo-Scandinavian, 900-1150. York, Yorkshire. AN 1961.423

A riding whip found in the Oseberg burial with iron hoof nails in the foreground. The iron nails would have been used in the winter to give the horse better grip in icy conditions.

This company offers horse riding tours in the Reykjavik area, and draws on the Viking origin of Iceland's distinctive breed of horses in their branding and logo, which features Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged horse).

A news story that discusses how the genetic mutation that permits a horse to 'pace' first arose in early medieval England and was spread to Iceland and other places by the Vikings.
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