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A poster from 1957 by Trygve B. Pedersen for Norwegian American Line, with the slogan ''Norway - Enjoy Your Trip Go By Ship'.

A print of part of the Oseberg tapestry on a wall at the Slottsfjellsmuseum.

A reconstruction of the stem of the Oseberg ship marks the Slottsfjellsmuseum.

Saga Oseberg is an exact replica of the early-ninth-century Oseberg ship, found in a burial mound in near Tønsberg in Vestfold, Norway. It is one of the best preserved Viking ships (virtually complete), and has a length of almost 22 meters. It…

The 20Kr coin features the stem of the Oseberg ship on it

Oseberg kulturhus uses a stylised depiction of the stem of the Oseberg ship. It is based at the Quality Hotel Tønsberg.

Oseberg textile group practises Viking Age handicrafts related to textile production, including naturally-dyed yarn, spinning with a drop spindle, etc. The sign is produced in faux-runic lettering to enhance the appearance of Vikingness.

A wooden carving in the shape of the stern decoration of the Oseberg ship for use as an ornament. Seen on a stall at the Tonsberg Viking Festival

Saga Oseberg sardines may be the most expensive sardines in the world. The money is used to support the maintenance and running of Saga Oseberg ship, a recreation of the Oseberg ship

A detailed reconstruction of the Oseberg wagon. It sits in the lobby of the Quality Hotel Tønsberg.

Detail shot showing the carving at the stem of Saga Oseberg at the Tønsberg Viking Festival.

Various views of the reconstructed Viking ships at the Tonsberg Viking festival.

Reconstructed Viking ships at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. The ship closest to the foreground is Saga Oseberg, a reconstruction of the Oseberg ship. In the background is the Viking festival itself.

Various tools for textile production, including fragments of woven baskets, wooden bowls, balls of yarn, tablets for weaving, beech wood needles, a slate sharpening stone, a piece of quartz, and pieces of beeswax.
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