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A medieval style dress in a shop in Tønsberg. It has a belt clasp with a stylised Oseberg ship on it.

Wooden combs with designed based on the various bone plaques that have been found.

Carved wooden spoons and bowls from Taberna Vagantis at Tønsberg Viking Festival.

A tent opened up to become a shop at Tønsberg Viking Festival. It sells a variety of reproduction goods, including pendants, wooden plaques, beads and much more.

Wooden rule with the younger futhark burnt into it, updated to include additional modern letters. Made by Sofie Louise Jensen.

A basket of rune sticks using the younger futhark creatively to add modern letters not represented in the younger futhark. The runes have been burnt into the wood rather than carved. These were created by Sofie Louise Jensen (Runeristeren).

This leather faux-runic notice states that accepts credit cards. It says 'Vi tar kort' 'We accept credit cards'.

Bone tablets for tablet weaving. These would be used for weaving the braids that decorated the edges of Viking tunics.

Iron shears and hooks of types that would have been used in the Viking Age.
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