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Klaudia Karpinska (University of Rzeszów), ‘ Women in Re-enactment in Poland’. Chaired by Deise Medieval. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

In one section of the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm representing the Viking period, Swedish women are represented in one individual display case by a great number of keys found in various archaeological digs. Keys are everyday and familiar…

Well-known bronze pin with ornamentation in a form of a snake (or dragon) head.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

A plate brooch representing a prowed ship, from a Viking-Age grave inLillevang in Bornholm, Denmark.For a higher-resolution image see

Miniature sword has been found in trade emporium in Hedeby / Haithabu.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

A medieval style dress in a shop in Tønsberg. It has a belt clasp with a stylised Oseberg ship on it.

A rack of naturally-dyed wool showing the range of colours that Viking Age clothes could have come in. The Vikings are known to have liked colourful clothes, and this photographs demonstrates what could be achieved with the technology they…

These boxes show the wide variety of colours that beads from the Viking Age could come in. The photograph was taken at the Tønsberg Viking Festival.

Bronze silver-plated reconstructions of female figures based on the finds from (from left to right):

1. Tissø, Denmark
2. Öland, Sweden
3. Tuna, Alsike, Uppland, Sweden

These reconstruction were cast by Mojmira from Kram Szepczące Kruki…

Bronze and silver reconstructions of the female figures, which were found in (from left to right):

1. Tissø, Denmark
2. Tjørnehøj, Hårby, Denmark
3. Galgebakken, Vrejlev, Denmark

These reconstructions were cast by Grzegorz Pilarczyk…

Sliver and bronze reconstructions of pendant (or clothing appliqué), which was found in the relicts of settlement near Tissø Lake. These reconstructions were casted by Grzegorz Pilarczyk (

This photo was taken during 6th…

Mannequins displaying typical Viking Age dress for men and women at the Trelleborg Viking Fortress Museum.
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