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Well-known bronze pin with ornamentation in a form of a snake (or dragon) head.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

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Personal items including keys, pins and tools from excavations at Ribe Marketplace. Details about the exhibition can be found at

These two whalebone bats were found in the High Street, Dublin, while the pin was found on Fishamble Street.

Objects found in a male Viking grave near Larne in 1840, in County Antrim. The grave dates from the 10th century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum. The objects include an iron sword, an iron spear-head and ferrule, a bronze…

Bronze pin and bone or antler comb found in a male Viking grave near Larne, County Antrim, in 1840. The grave dates dating from the tenth century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum, Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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A selection of ringed pins of the ninth, tenth and eleventh century held in the Hunt Museum Collections.

A Viking comb and a bronze pin found at Larne, County Antrim, and are on display in Ulster museum, Both items were found in 1840 in a male Viking grave dating to the tenth century.

Although television and film often depict Vikings as muddy, filthy…
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