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Reconstruction of the clothing of a woman from the year 800. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Reconstruction of the clothing of a man from the year 800. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Fire steel, copper alloy and iron. 1050-1150. Gotland, Sweden. AN1909.97.

"Vikingen" - Isländsk man i vikingadräkt vid Ármannsfell, Þingvellir, Island
("The Viking" - Icelandic man in Viking costume at Ármann Fell, Thingvellir , Iceland.)

Note the lack of horns on the helmet, but outlandish spear and belt buckle.

Spielzeugmanufaktur is a German toy company that makes weapons and costumes for children - one of their ranges is Viking, including swords, helmets, shields and accessories, of varying historical authenticity.

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A shirt produced by Spielzeugmanufaktur, a company in Germany that makes historical toys. Seen in Ribe VikingCenter.

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Brooches from a woman's grave discovered on Unst, on display in Shetland Museum and Archives. These are replicas of the items held in the National Museum of Scotland.

A re-enactor in traditional Viking attire, manning the archery range in Ribe VikingCenter. His clothing includes a tunic and hood, trousers,puttees and leather shoes. There is more information on dress at the Nationalmuseet website.For more…

Two musicians playing as part of Kalundborg's Harbour Festival in the Kongens Togt series of events in Summer 2016 to commemorate Cnut's conquest of England.

Openwork disc, copper alloy. Gotland, Sweden 500-700 AD. AN1909.96. Photographed in the Ashmolean Museum

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Disc-on-bow brooch, gilt copper alloy and garnet. Gotland, Sweden, 500-700 AD. Photographed at the Ashmolean Museum. AN1909.28

As the website indicates "Since 1920 Viking wet weather gear has set the standard in quality for keeping workers safe, dry and comfortable."

Discovered in Öland, Köping in Sweden and dating to the Viking Age. It depicts a female figure in elaborate dress holding a cup or horn, and may represent a Valkyrie. For more images of this item, see…

Image from
A blog about re-enactment of the Viking Age

Photo of a woman in traditional Norse dress outside the reconstruction of Tjodhilde's Church in Qassiarsuk, Southern Greenland by Franziska Mahler - Visit Greenland

Edda Lyberth in traditional Norse dress outside the reconstructed church in Brattahlíð, Greenland. By Camilla Hey - Visit Greenland

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A selection of ringed pins of the ninth, tenth and eleventh century held in the Hunt Museum Collections.

This is a stunning Borre style Trefoil brooch found in Wiltshire, one of over 20 on the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Database. To view the full record and associated metadata, go to
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