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Branding of Orka coaching, Cork, a strength and conditioning gym that takes its name from Old Norse and its branding from a bind rune of the first two letters (o and r).

Snowcream Ltd is a milk company based in Glenville, Co. Waterford, Ireland, which uses a Viking ship for the branding of Snowcream milk. For more information, see the website at

Rebecca Boyd (Independent), Rebecca Boyd (Independent), ‘ Opening a Door to the Past: Accessing the Knowledge Base of Historical Re-enactors’. Chaired by Deise Medieval. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC,…

Eamonn McEneaney, (Waterford Treasures Museum), ‘Bringing the Vikings to Life in the Museum Environment’. Chaired by John Sheehan. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

A photograph of the logo of motocross riding gear company 'Thor', seen in a shop in Dubin. For the company, see their website

2016-12-06 (1).png
The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is now online with a series of pages on towns of Viking origin.

Rediscovering the Vikings Conference Programme BOOKLET.pdf
This is the final programme and conference booklet for 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Engagement' at University College Cork on 25 and 26 November.

DSC04935 (960x1280).jpg
Innocent produced a series of magnets featuring letters of the alphabet illustrated by an object or subject starting with this letter. Here we see V illustrated by Vikings, using the most well known symbolism of horned helmets, shield, axe and ship.…

A 'Viking' style Irish horned hat from Landsdowne Kid's Hats, seen in Dublin airport. One of the few examples of appropriation of Viking and Norse culture at a national level.

Lá Leis na Lochlannaigh - Tús.jpg
A children's book in Gaeilge about the Vikings.

The blurb translates to: "Cormac and Brídín are delighted to be stopping at Granny and Grandad's house again. They're looking forward to another boisterous historical adventure through the magic…

An Ireland souvenir hat seen in Cork airport, with Viking horns.

A traffic light box outside Four Couts in Dublin painted with a scene entitled 'The Viking Holiday' by Hugh Madden, as part of the Dublin Canvas Project.

DSC02976 (2000x1500).jpg
Various drawings of Viking ships, including one with a small figure in the rigging, from Viking Age Dublin.

Waterford Ship.jpg
A replica Viking ship on display outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum.

Viking Ship Carving.jpg
A Viking ship carving in Reginalds Tower Viking Museum, Waterford city

Waterford Ship.jpg
A reconstructed Viking Ship outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum in Waterford.

Waterford Ship.jpg
A replica Viking ship outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum in Waterford.

DSC02717 (1280x963).jpg
Leather shoes and shoe sole from Fishamble Street, Dublin. E190: 7366; E:190: 422; E190: 419
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