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Thor Graffiti.jpg
A graffiti tag in San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California showing that 'Thor' has been there.

DSC02976 (2000x1500).jpg
Various drawings of Viking ships, including one with a small figure in the rigging, from Viking Age Dublin.

Graffiti in "runic style" font, advertising a Viking event in West Runton. If anyone knows what this event was, please do let us know!

DSC03932 (1500x2000).jpg
A modern inscription in runes amongst other engraved messages on a stone in the Ring of Brodgar neolithic monument, Orkney. Perhaps inspired by the Viking-Age twig-runes on another of the stones. No transcription.

DSC01267 (1280x960).jpg
Runic fragment from Noss (Br Sh7 M).Reading...-uko=ktuAccording to Rundata, found in 1994 during excavations of the medieval chapel and cemetery.Probably graffiti.

24 2.jpg
This runic inscription can be found in the covered exterior passage, on the fourth wall-board to the right of the south portal. The inscription consists of five runes, two of which, according to Professor Magnus Olsen, may be disregarded as mere…

Photograph of a Viking inscription in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. The Norse personal name -alftan (Halvdan) can be read here, but the rest of the runes are illegible. It is likely that they originally spelled out the Norse equivalent of 'Halvdan woz…
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