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Maja Bäckvall.mp4
Maja Bäckvall (Uppsala University/University of Copenhagen) ‘Pick Up Rune: Rune Usage in Video and Computer Games’ at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016. Chaired by Roderick Dale

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan), as explained in the exhibition at Kongernes…

Runic Banana.jpg
Not every item we receive is wholly serious. This runic banana is an excellent example of modern reuse and engagement with the past. It was left outside the World-Tree office by person or persons unknown.

This souvenir was seen in Vigo, Galicia, with the label 'Runica Nordica'. There are several designs, which all seem to be a combination of runes with geometric shapes, and an accompanying value (such as 'love'). There is little discernible connection…

There are many pseudo runic alphabets doing the rounds, and also a number of fonts that borrow the angular style of runes for the Latin alphabet - what we might call 'rune inspired' fonts. They are often used in Viking branding and by special…

According to their website, Yara is "the world’s largest producer of ammonia, nitrates and NPKs, providing the foundation of Yara’s fertilizer and industrial solutions'. The website at explains the…

DSC03932 (1500x2000).jpg
A modern inscription in runes amongst other engraved messages on a stone in the Ring of Brodgar neolithic monument, Orkney. Perhaps inspired by the Viking-Age twig-runes on another of the stones. No transcription.

This item is a transliteration, transcription and translation of World-Tree item 1347.

The animal skin is from Romania where there was a strong German minority until after WW2, and many of them were…

Souvenir pencil with runes, seen in the gift shop of the Ribe VikingCenter

According to the uploader, this was found in an attic in Romania. It is clearly a modern inscription in a pseudo runic alphabet (Armanen runes). This script was developed by the German occultist Guido von List, whose bizarre interpretations of…

This replica of the Jelling II stone is sold on the Viking Shield website here, either painted or unpainted.

The danish passport features a representation of the Christ figure from Side C of the ninth-century Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, also on permanent display in situ at Jelling. The runic inscription on this side of the stone reads (in translation)…

A chalk mural decorating the interior of one of the larger reconstructed townhouses in Ribe VikingCenter (the Thing-Hall)and telling the history of the Vikings in Ribe. It was produced using authentic materials and techniques by artist Trine Theut in…

Norse Corp describes itself as "the world's largest dedicated threat intelligence network". The link to the Vikings and the use of a bind-rune as a logo may be linked to the company ethos: "We believe in taking the hits so our customers don’t have…

Bar menus featuring runes as part of the branding.

A banner at a festival with a rune on it.

Runic pins reading 'Orkney', on sale in a tourist shop in Kirkwall.

Runic mugs with the inscription 'Orkney'. Seen in a tourist shop in Kirkwall.

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan). This tenth-century King of Denmark famously…
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