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A brand of sausage from Wikinger, which uses a Viking ship as its logo. This photo was submitted from Germany, but the brand also has a British market of hotdogs. The connection to the Vikings is not clear!

Blaa Thor oel.jpg
Blå Thor. [Blue Thor] Royal warrant. ‘Denmark’s most beautiful beer.’ Brewery Synnestvedts Bayerske Ølbryggeri established in Randers, Denmark, 1850, renamed Thor in 1873. Blå Thor beer launched 1964. Won Brussels…

Red Erik to.jpg
Red Erik beer. ”Fruity, aromatic, ruby red with pink foam.’ Branded Ceres brewery, which was founded 1856. ‘Purveyor to Danish court’ from 1914. Became part of Royal Unibrew, who closed it as separate brewery in 2008.

Viking Hardfiskur.jpg
Harðfiskur (English 'stockfish') is a delicious snack of naturally dried fish that is commonly eaten with butter on it. This brand is marketed as 'Viking'.

Liebig Company used a series of images of Old Norse gods and heroes to advertise their meat products in the late nineteenth century, some influenced by Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'. The company was headquartered in London.

A powdered sauce for meatballs produced by Knorr for the German market, and branded as a 'Viking Dish'.

DSC01929 (960x1280).jpg
Bottled water on sale in Kongernes Jelling, which features a drawing of Harald Bluetooth or King Gorm the Old on the label.

Bumming a Smoke off the Gods 1 (514x1280).jpg
Elysian Elixirs E-Cigarettes brand their different flavours on gods, including Baldr and Mjolnir photographed in Weymouth, and Skadi on the website

This Viking salt is a smoked salt produced in Egersund, Norway for the French brand Terre Exotique.

These sherbet glasses are part of the Viking range produced by the Dema Glass company in Chesterfield, England (no longer in operation). Their logo was a viking ship, as pictured here.

This variety of ham is branded 'vikingskinke' in Norway. It is not clear why.

#everydayvikings spotted at work (Denmark): Colleague uses 'Viking drinking horn' travel coffee mug. Bought it in Slovakia.

If anyone has further information about Viking heritage in Slovakia, we'd love to hear!

An advertising hoarding in Dublin using Vikings to advertise cheese and onion crisps.

Armour All is a company producing automotive care technologies. Their logo is a Viking with horned helmet, as photographed here in a store in Cork, Ireland. You can see the development of the logo on the history section of their website:…

Vintage Viking aftershave for men, featuring a horned helmet as its logo. Seen in Arthur Mayne's Bar in Cork.

Crowberry Liqueur, produced by Reykjavik Distillery. The description of the product begins 'Are you looking for a real Viking experience...'

Red mugs featuring an image of a Viking ship with the inscription 'Denmark'. Seen in the gift shop of Museet Ribes Vikinger.

Mustard product produced by Dansk Mjød, with Viking branding.

This replica of the Jelling II stone is sold on the Viking Shield website here, either painted or unpainted.

A copy of a Viking-Age 'ear-scoop' found in excavations at Birka, Sweden. The replica can be purchased on the Viking Shield websitehere
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