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The Musée d'Archéologie nationale offers a range of material to explore, including some Viking Age artefacts.
Ragnar Lothbrok's funeral song (Series 3, Episode 10 of History's 'Vikings'). Music written and performed by the contributor Einar Selvik, with the lyrics based on Hávamál.

This food truck, sent to us by TSP @morangles, is named Au p'tit Viking, and draws on the Viking heritage of Normandy in its branding, which includes a horned helmet.

This festival in the towns of Cabourg, Dives-sur-mer and Houlgate in Normandy celebrates 950 years since the Norman Conquest, as well as the Norse heritage of this region of France. Many of the events at the festival - including the ships - are…

This Viking salt is a smoked salt produced in Egersund, Norway for the French brand Terre Exotique.

Podcast from Le Salon noir, France Culture, broadcast Saturday 9 January at 19:30.
'Dans les pas des invasions vikings' (In the Footsteps of the Viking Invasions') with Vincent Carpentier, medieval archaeologist at Inrap

From the Inrap website:

Des récits palpitants qui racontent deux siècles et demi de conquêtes et d’histoire du monde sur trois continents. Écrit par Vincent Carpentier, archéologue à l’Inrap et illustré par Jeff Pourquié. Une…

Postcard depicting a modern commemorative "runestone" in the Jardin des Plantes, Rouen – a gift from the Kingdom of Norway. "In 1911 the city of Rouen celebrated the millenium of the founding of the Duchy of Normandy and the baptism of the…

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Norwegian researchers have finally been able to open the tomb of descendants of the Viking leader Hrólfr (Rollo). They plan to find out if Rollo was the same as Hrólfr from Møre. If he is, this would mean that the British royal family originated…

Ornavik is a living history museum where you can visit houses built using tenth- and eleventh-century techniques. It includes a Viking camp, a Carolingian village, and an eleventh-century style motte and bailey castle.

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An article about the Viking sieges of Paris in the ninth century.

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The standard French playing card deck has the Jack of Spades as Hogier, probably a reference to Holger the Dane, who is first mentioned in the French 'Chanson de Roland' as a Danish antagonist of Charlemagne. Thanks to Northern Displayers for this…

The baseball team in Chalon sur Saône in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region in eastern France is named 'Chalon Vikings'. It is not clear what the connection with the historical Vikings is.

The embroidered tale of Rollo (Hrólfr in Old Norse), Viking chief and founder of Norway. The tapestry records his Viking raids, his taking possession of Normandy and his work to keep control of the duchy. The website lists places it will be on show…

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A dark seeded loaf from France, that claims Nordic inspiration.

A camembert cheese from Roger Lanquetot et Fils in Vern-sur-Seiche, Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany, which uses imagery based on the Bayeux Tapestry including a Norman ship in the branding of its Viking cheese.

La Drakkar Camembert from La Laiterie de Gratot in Manche, Normandy. The branding draws on the Norse heritage of Normandy and includes a stylised Viking drakkar (or warship). It is one of several Normandy cheeses to draw on Viking heritage.

The Vikings is one of several medieval attractions at Puy du Fou Theme Park in Les Epesses in the west of France. The attraction features a Viking ship emerging from the water and an attack on a fortified village with pyrotechnics.
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