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In South East Asia, Viking is a term commonly associated with all-you-can-eat buffets, as this example from the Philippines demonstrates. The website has the tag-line 'Eat like a Viking!'

This food truck, sent to us by TSP @morangles, is named Au p'tit Viking, and draws on the Viking heritage of Normandy in its branding, which includes a horned helmet.

King Sitric.png
A restaurant and accommodation in Howth, Co. Dublin named after the Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin, King Sitric (Sigtryggr). They use a horned helmet in their logo.

Scandinavian Cafe and Bakery in Nottingham named after the Norse god Odin, who feasted the einherjar in Valhalla.

logo (2).png
Odin's Table is a Scandinavian-themed cafe, bakery and shop.

Restaurant opened in 1958, billed as a 'Viking-Style' buffet. Rooms inside are named after the gods, including 'Odin Hall', and the logo is a dragon. The restaurant serves international and Viking food.

Viking branded cafe / restaurant in Nijmegen with a sketch of a horned helmet and mustache as its logo.

Hafnarfjördur, Viking Village
The Viking Village in Iceland is a Viking-themed restaurant and hotel that has an annual Viking festival.
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