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From British Museum Website:

"Dished gilt copper-alloy disc brooch, Urnes style. Within a scalloped border, the convex surface of the circular brooch bears an openwork design of a coiled, ribbon animal in combat with a snake. The head has a…

A sliver replica of an Urnes style brooch, similar to brooches found at Ribe and Lindholm H

A dragon figurehead on one of the reconstructed Viking ships at Tonsberg Viking Festival.

A drawing of a dragon prow on slate, with part of the ship visible on this fragment. From the Norse site at Jarlshof, Shetland. This is a replica: the original is in the National Museum of Scotland.

Restaurant opened in 1958, billed as a 'Viking-Style' buffet. Rooms inside are named after the gods, including 'Odin Hall', and the logo is a dragon. The restaurant serves international and Viking food.

This distinctive dragon-head stem post probably came from a ship, and was recovered from the River Scheldt in the Netherlands. It has been carbon-dated to the Migration Period and demonstrates that elaborate carved figure-heads pre-dated the Vikings.…

The Cuerdale Hoard is the largest Viking hoard discovered in the British Isles, and includes 8,600 pieces, mostly silver including hacksliver, ingots and coins from as far afield as Byzantium and the Islamic world. It dates to 905 and was discovered…

A blog post from Tamara Bakx, about a visit to an exhibition on Dragons and the history of Limburg. The blog post is named 'Vikings adventure in The Netherlands'.

DSC00957 (1280x960).jpg
T-Shirt from an Icelanic Tourist shop depicting a Viking ship.

DSC00961 (960x1280).jpg
T-Shirt from a tourist shop in Iceland with a depiction of a stylised dragon head from the prow of a Viking ship. If you know the original or reconstruction which is the basis of this design, please let us know.
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