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Two rowlocks from Gokstad carved with a mask. They date to the ninth century.

These ships were carved on polished red deer antler.

This find is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

Bonze-Age depictions of ships from Solbakk, Rogaland, Norway. For a higher resolution image, see

A stone carved with two boats and cup marks in Slottsfjellsmuseet.

Viking Ship Carving.jpg
A Viking ship carving in Reginalds Tower Viking Museum, Waterford city

Carved wooden spoons and bowls from Taberna Vagantis at Tønsberg Viking Festival.

Wooden chopping boards with Viking-style decoration and decorated bone combs in cases.

A wooden carving in the shape of the stern decoration of the Oseberg ship for use as an ornament. Seen on a stall at the Tonsberg Viking Festival

A dragon figurehead on one of the reconstructed Viking ships at Tonsberg Viking Festival.

Wooden boxes with various designs carved into them, seen at Tonsberg Viking Festival. Some of the designs are Viking-style, while others (e.g. the aegishjalmr) are more modern.

A carved design on one of the tent boards at Tonsberg Viking Festival. The tents are designed so that one side can be raised as an awning to turn it into a shop.

Boxes featuring the Mammen mask were on sale at Tønsberg Viking Festival.

A detailed reconstruction of the Oseberg wagon. It sits in the lobby of the Quality Hotel Tønsberg.

Detail shot showing the carving at the stem of Saga Oseberg at the Tønsberg Viking Festival.

This relief is in the wall of Oslo cathedral. It depicts a man beset by beasts or devils, and was originally in St Hallvard's Cathedral. Iconographically, it is similar to the figure beset by beasts motif that is a feature of some earlier runestones…
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