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Fornsalen in Visby has displays about the history of Gotland.

A medieval weather vane from a ship. This, like other weather vanes, was eventually placed on a church, in this case Tingelstad Church. It is currently on display in Kulturhistorisk museet in Oslo.
A video short about rescuing a Viking captive.

006_myths of misalliance.pdf
Seminar questions about the role of misalliance in Gylfaginning, Skáldskaparmál and Skírnismál with specific reference to Njörðr and Freyr.

002_handout The Asian Origins of Nordic Culture.pdf
A handout for a course on Snorra Edda discussing Snorri's view that the Norse gods came from Asia.

002_class two seminar questions.pdf
Seminar questions for the second part of a course on Snorra Edda. This session focuses on the Prologue and Gylfaginning
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