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Lancaster City Museum holds a collection of various Viking Age finds including combs and spearheads, as well as other objects found at Heysham.

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The archaeological collection at Tullie House contains the remains of eight pagan inhumations and a selection of Viking Age stray finds.

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Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery contains a selection of artefacts from the early medieval period in its Anglo-Saxon and Viking gallery, including the remains of Viking oval brooches from Santon Downham

Derby Museum contains remains of a Viking man, his sword and other items from teh burial at Repton Church, as well as an early medieval sculpture collection.

''Truso – the legend of the Baltic Sea' is the title of a new exhibition presented in the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elbląg. Until recently we knew Truso only from its name, which was written down by an Anglo-Saxon sailor Wulfstan. In…

Fornsalen in Visby has displays about the history of Gotland.

This staff has been found in Gävle (Gastrikland, Sweden) in a grave in which have been also discovered weaponry and jewellery. It has been made from iron with ornamentation with bronze animal heads. In the lower part it has ring with tree iron…

This iron staff has been found in heavily disturbed grave in Fuldby (Bjernede, Søre, Denmark). The staff has been probably covered with a large stone.

Photo of this artefact has been took on the temporary exhibition entitled 'Die Wikinger' which…

This mask is one from two exemplars which have been found rolled in a ship discovered in harbour at Hedeby / Haithaby (currently Germany). They have been used as caulking of a hull.
The mask, presented on the photo, has been made of red felt. It…

Snaptun stone is tuyère which protect the bellows from a heat of a blacksmith's forge. It has been found on a beach near Snaptun, Demark. On the stone has been carved face with long, curled moustache and stitched mouth. Researchers have identified…

The Hemdrup staff has been found in a bog at Hemdrup (Næsborg, Jylland, Denmark). It has been made from yew wood and it is 50 cm long. On the staff have been carved depiction of fantastic animals, human's silhouette and triquetra symbol. Moreover,…
The year is 872, and many of the separate kingdoms of what we now know as England have fallen to the invading Danes, leaving the great kingdom of Wessex standing alone and defiant under the command of King Alfred.

Against this turbulent backdrop…

Two silver fibulae depicting women. One shows a woman with two plaits in her hair. The other shows an armed person on horseback with an armed woman holding the horse.

Tweezers were part of every Viking's basic toilet articles.

The lesson plan was designed to supplement the reading of the book, "Viking It and Liking It" by Jon Scieszka, which is part of a series of books called Time Warp Trio. This was then turned into a television series. Instead of playing Viking…

A selection of oval brooches and trefoil brooches on display at kulturhistorisk museum.
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