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Lancaster City Museum holds a collection of various Viking Age finds including combs and spearheads, as well as other objects found at Heysham.

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The archaeological collection at Tullie House contains the remains of eight pagan inhumations and a selection of Viking Age stray finds.

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Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery contains a selection of artefacts from the early medieval period in its Anglo-Saxon and Viking gallery, including the remains of Viking oval brooches from Santon Downham

Derby Museum contains remains of a Viking man, his sword and other items from teh burial at Repton Church, as well as an early medieval sculpture collection.

One section of the Skylitzes manuscript illustrates how the Varangian Guard, an elite mercenary unit mainly consisting of Scandinavians in Byzantine service, dealt with the death of one of their number. The deceased had attempted to rape a woman, so…

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An introduction to the early medieval period in West Yorkshire.

A blog about early medieval art, and especially sculpture.
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