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Natalie McCaul (Yorkshire Museum), ‘Touring the Vikings’. Chaired by John Sheehan. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

Eamonn McEneaney, (Waterford Treasures Museum), ‘Bringing the Vikings to Life in the Museum Environment’. Chaired by John Sheehan. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov. 2016.

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Lancaster City Museum holds a collection of various Viking Age finds including combs and spearheads, as well as other objects found at Heysham.

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The archaeological collection at Tullie House contains the remains of eight pagan inhumations and a selection of Viking Age stray finds.

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Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery contains a selection of artefacts from the early medieval period in its Anglo-Saxon and Viking gallery, including the remains of Viking oval brooches from Santon Downham

Derby Museum contains remains of a Viking man, his sword and other items from teh burial at Repton Church, as well as an early medieval sculpture collection.

Whithorn Priory and Museum in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, includes a small collection of Hiberno Norse Material from excavations at this important site.

Sunnmøre Museum in Ålesund includes some replica Viking ships.

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The Viking information centre in Wieringen.

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The Musée d'Archéologie nationale offers a range of material to explore, including some Viking Age artefacts.

''Truso – the legend of the Baltic Sea' is the title of a new exhibition presented in the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elbląg. Until recently we knew Truso only from its name, which was written down by an Anglo-Saxon sailor Wulfstan. In…

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Jamtli is the museum for the Jämtland and Härjedalen regions. It is an open-air museum, and also houses the Överhogdal tapestries.

Fornsalen in Visby has displays about the history of Gotland.

Kulturen manages a number of museums and open-air museums in southern Sweden. The main museum is Kulturen i Lund which is also near Universitetsmuseet

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The Ladby burial mound, containing a high-status ship burial - the only one so far discovered in Denmark. The remains of the Ladby ship are preserved in a museum situated in the mound itself. For more information, see

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Photo by Flickr userMandiasof the Ladby Viking ship burial. The museum is built around the excavated Viking ship in its original location. For more information, visit

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Leather shoes and shoe sole from Fishamble Street, Dublin. E190: 7366; E:190: 422; E190: 419
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