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3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far right is probably from 1980's. The magnets are classic examples of the stereotypical Viking with…

A medieval weather vane from a ship. This, like other weather vanes, was eventually placed on a church, in this case Tingelstad Church. It is currently on display in Kulturhistorisk museet in Oslo.

A weather vane from a Viking Age ship. This, like other weather vanes, was eventually placed on Heggum Church. It is currently on display in Kulturhistorisk museet in Oslo.

This low relief of the drakkar consist of ceramic plates. It has been photographed on Olshausenstraße, Kiel, Germany.

On the one of shield by ship side has been placed triskelion-like symbol.

Sailing boat 'Gudrun III' has been photographed on Kiellinie, Kiel, Germany.

Tugboat 'Odin' moored in Kiel, Germany.

Technical description of the ship:

These ships were carved on polished red deer antler.

This find is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

A silver model Viking ship on display at Oslo City Hall.

18402818216_8f7818ab17_k (1280x854).jpg
The Ladby burial mound, containing a high-status ship burial - the only one so far discovered in Denmark. The remains of the Ladby ship are preserved in a museum situated in the mound itself. For more information, see

2938116604_5f44b81f1f_o (803x1280).jpg
Photo by Flickr userMandiasof the Ladby Viking ship burial. The museum is built around the excavated Viking ship in its original location. For more information, visit

A blog post about a symposium on historical reconstructions of ships.

Vikings: Bataviawerf, Oseberg Vikingship

A collection of videos about processing timber for a Viking ship.

Miniature boat (maybe toy?) has been made of alder wood.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

DSC02976 (2000x1500).jpg
Various drawings of Viking ships, including one with a small figure in the rigging, from Viking Age Dublin.

Image of the Nydam Boat found in Nydam Bog in southern Jutland, Denmark and now on display in Gottorf Castle. The boat dates to c. 310-320, and is the earliest ship find in Scandinavia, as well as the earliest example of a clinker-built boat yet…

Bonze-Age depictions of ships from Solbakk, Rogaland, Norway. For a higher resolution image, see

A pre-Viking razor fragment from theLate Bronze Age, period V. FromStrærup, Sogn.For a higher resolution image see

A model of the reconstructed Klåstad ship that stands next to the display of the original.

Photographs of the remains of the Klåstad ship in Slottsfjellsmuseet.

A line drawing of the Klåstad ship on the wall at the Slottsfjellsmuseum. It shows which parts survive of the ship.
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