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Bronze and silver jewellery based on Viking-Age designs are produced using traditional methods and sold at the Viking Market in the Ribe VikingCenter, Denmark. Silver (rather than gold) was the main precious metal traded throughout the Viking World.…

Two silver fibulae depicting women. One shows a woman with two plaits in her hair. The other shows an armed person on horseback with an armed woman holding the horse.

A silver model Viking ship on display at Oslo City Hall.

A silver gilt Valkyrie or shieldmaiden figure from Tjørnehøj in Denmark.

A silver fibula in the form of a woman with a shield and sword. This has been identified as a Valkyrie, although it may be a shieldmaiden.

The finds from this grave were primarily tools, including pliers, a frying pan and a pot handle. The display also includes bronze oval brooches, glass beads and other pieces of jewellery.

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A silver goblet with Christian iconography of Frankish origins. Produced around the year 800, and possibly taken in a Viking raid. Found north of Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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A copy of a Viking-Age silver pendant excavated at Ribe, and interpreted as representing Odin. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Several of the over 200 silver coins (sceattas) found in excavations at Ribe. Most were minted locally. Details about the exhibition can be found at

A series of brooches and jewellery based on Viking Age motifs and original artefacts.

A silver pendant from Aska, Östergötland, Sweden, dating to the Viking Age (800 - 1099) and on display in the Swedish History Museum. It is widely believed to represent the Norse goddess Freyja with the brisingamen necklace. For higher…

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A replica of a silver pendant found in Östergötland, Sweden and on display in Historiska Museet, Stockholm. It is widely believed to represent the goddess Freyja. These earrings and pendants were seen in Museet Ribes Vikinger.

Bars, wires and ingots (silver bullion), 800-900. White Horse Road in London. AN1909.556

Anglo-Scandinavian silver finger ring from Thetford, Norfolk. 900-1050.

Silver bracelet, Anglo-Scandinavian. 900-1050. Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.

An iron stirrup and a silvered spur. The museum information board notes that the Vikings probably introduced spurs and stirrups to Ireland, and that this pair are among the earliest known from Ireland.
Find out about of one of the most significant discoveries of Viking treasure ever found in Yorkshire.

The hoard was discovered in 2012 by metal detectorists and, following many months of conservation and a public appeal, the Bedale Hoard is now…

King Sitric, 'Silkbeard', Norse King of Dublin, who 'had an Irish mother and he married a daughter of Brian Boru', features as one of ten 'Impressions of Ireland' symbols on a ring produced by Ogham Designs. Sitric (or Sigtrygg II Silkbeard…

Thors Hammer_sm.jpg
Thor's hammer was made from silver and it is ornamented with circles (on both sites) and with cross (on one side). It was discovered in settlement in Hedeby/Haithabu.
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