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Late Viking Age granite rune-stone, originally from Morby in Uppland, Sweden, now in Universitetsparken, Uppsala. Signed by the renowned rune-carver Øpir, it was commissioned by a woman, probably called Gullaug, in memory of her daughter Gillaug,…

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Excavation records in storage at Waterford City Archives. Excavations of Viking and medieval Waterford carried out between 1986-1992. Visits to the archives can be arranged at…

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View from inside the Ship St. gate in Dublin Castle, looking south towards Ship St. Barracks and the site of the church of St. Michael-le-Pole

Reconstruction of an eleventh-century leather shoeby experimental archaeologist John Nicholl. The original wasfound in Annaholty Bog on the border of Co. Limerick and Co. Tipperary, and probably dates to the eleventh or twelfth century. It is of a…

Images of a leather shoe found in Annaholty Bog on the border of Co. Limerick Co. Tipperary and dating to the eleventh or twelfth century. It is a well preserved example of a shoe type found in urban centres in Ireland and across Europe during the…

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Anglo-Scandinavian gold ring from Ixworth in Suffolk. 900-1050.

Anglo-Scandinavian silver finger ring from Thetford, Norfolk. 900-1050.

Silver bracelet, Anglo-Scandinavian. 900-1050. Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.

Fire steel, copper alloy and iron. 1050-1150. Gotland, Sweden. AN1909.97.
Rune stone in Herresta,Uppland (U 370). According to theSamnordisk runtextdatabasthis stone carries a nonsense inscription. It may be medieval rather than Viking Age.

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Peel Castle in the Isle of Man was originally constructed by the Norse King Magnus Barefoot, who reigned in the eleventh century. It incorporated an earlier celtic round-tower into the defences. Several important Viking Age finds have been recovered…
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