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The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is now online with a series of pages on towns of Viking origin.

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A diagram showing how Ribe developed as a settlement between 705 and 865. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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A model representing the important trading settlement of Ribe in the Viking Age. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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View from inside the Ship St. gate in Dublin Castle, looking south towards Ship St. Barracks and the site of the church of St. Michael-le-Pole

Replicas of placards used during the demonstrations against the development of the Wood Quay site in Dublin in the 1970s. Dublin City Council's Civic Offices were built on the site of Viking Dublin, after some of the most important excavations of a…

The Online Learning Website from Dublinia features interactive maps of Viking and medieval Dublin, and nine audio visual animations on historical sites in the city, available via a free online platform at

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An interactive map of Dublin with a slider allowing a view of the city development through the Viking and Medieval periods. Produced by Dublinia as part of their Online Learning Resources, and available for Primary Level and for Everyone.

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Evidence has been found that Tønsberg really is Norway's oldest town, and that it could have had an urban character by the 800s.

This amber cat was found at Birka in Sweden. It is about 3cm long and looks like a sitting cat.

Kaupang in Skiringssal was a Viking Age town and market. It is the first known trading outpost in Norway. The town was founded c.800 and was abandoned in the early 10th century. The site is open to visitors each summer, and offers activities as well…

House at Fotevikens Museum
Foteviken Museum is a living history museum with a recreated Viking town.

Reconstructed Viking boats at Birka in Sweden
A short essay about the Viking Age town of Birka in Sweden
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