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2016-10-14 (1).png
Archaeologists digging in Trondheim have found human remains and the remains of a church that may date to the early 11th century. The site, behind the library in Trondheim, was thought to be the location of a church, but now proof has been found, and…

2016-10-13 (1).png
From the news story: 'Proposals for the “first nation state in space” have been unveiled by a team of scientists and legal experts, who say the move will foster peace, open up access to space technologies and offer protection for citizens of…

2016-10-03 (1).png
”Are you a Viking? Be an extra in MoMu’s ’Red Serpent’ spectatular.”

Article in Danish regional newspaper Århus Stiftstidende (26/9/16) about Moesgaard Museum’s call for extras for a performance based on Frans G. Bengtsson’s novel…

A blog post about the origin of the naming of buffets (or Smörgåsbords) in Japan 'Vikings', from TOFUGU LLC

An article on the BBC News website about the chance discovery of a Viking Age sword in Iceland.

This is a news article from the CBC website about the activities of an extreme anti-refugee group dubbed the 'soldiers of Odin'. Their logo is a viking (with horned helmet) with a Canadian flag as a beard. Organisations such as this are a reminder…

An online exhibition from RTÉ Archives using archive footage to tell the story of the Wood Quay excavations and the public protests in the 1970s and 80s.

Four chapters:
01 ‘Save Wood Quay’ Campaign
02 Viking Site and Proposals
03 Dig,…

From the Inrap website:

Des récits palpitants qui racontent deux siècles et demi de conquêtes et d’histoire du monde sur trois continents. Écrit par Vincent Carpentier, archéologue à l’Inrap et illustré par Jeff Pourquié. Une…

2016-08-15 (4).png
The news story discusses the start of excavation of an apparently undisturbed grave mound beside the E6 near Fangberget gård in Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway.

2016-08-15 (3).png
An article about the resurgence of Norse paganism in Iceland.

2016-08-15 (2).png
In early 2015 it was reported that a temple was to be built to the old Norse gods in Iceland.

2016-08-11 (6).png
Evidence has been found that Tønsberg really is Norway's oldest town, and that it could have had an urban character by the 800s.

2016-08-11 (5).png
NRK reports on a group from the Lofoten Viking Museum who travelled to Russia to promote tourism in North Norway.

2016-08-11 (3).png
A news article on what interests people about engaging in Viking-Age living history.

2016-08-10 (3).png
Norwegian researchers have finally been able to open the tomb of descendants of the Viking leader Hrólfr (Rollo). They plan to find out if Rollo was the same as Hrólfr from Møre. If he is, this would mean that the British royal family originated…
Viking enthusiasts donned ferocious warrior outfits, storming the banks of Catoira as part of the "Romeria Vikinga" festival. The mass reenactment is based on the attack on the village by a Viking tribe, with participants using a replica of a Viking…

2016-08-09 (4).png
The Llandwrog hoard was found in March 2015. It comprises silver coins and ingots, and is thought to have been buried between 1020 and 1030. Eight of the coins date back to 995 while the other six are thought to date from around 1018.

2016-08-09 (3).png
The Llandwrog hoard is to go on display in the exhibition 'Treasures: Adventures in Archaeology' at the National Museum in Cardiff until 30 October 2016.

The Llandwrog hoard is going on display at the National Museum of Wales together with remains from Llanbedrgoch on Anglesey.

Smithsonian article.jpg
A news article about the Ribe Viking Centre in Denmark.
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