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A traffic light box outside Four Couts in Dublin painted with a scene entitled 'The Viking Holiday' by Hugh Madden, as part of the Dublin Canvas Project.

Sigurd_and_Fafnir_Hermann Hendrich, 1906.jpg
Painting of Sigurd and the dragon Fafnir by German painter Hermann Hendrich, part of his series based on scenes from Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. Oil on canvass.

A map of the Viking world as named by (or as known to) the Norse peoples. Whilst the names are not entirely accurate (and include a few not recorded in Norse sources), it does illustrate the extent of Norse activity.

Toy car with Hagar the Horrible imagery on the side. The back of the package details other toy cars in the set. Hagar the Horrible is a cartoon figure created by American cartoonist Chris Browne. Photographed in Lodi, California.

Toy car illustrated with Hagar the Horrible imagery. Hagar the Horrible is a cartoon figure created by American cartoonist Chris Browne. Photographed in Lodi, California.

From the Inrap website:

Des récits palpitants qui racontent deux siècles et demi de conquêtes et d’histoire du monde sur trois continents. Écrit par Vincent Carpentier, archéologue à l’Inrap et illustré par Jeff Pourquié. Une…

History of Cork Art Mural in Grattan Street Carpark, painted by pupils from Cork Educate Together National School (Installation by O’Shea Builders Ltd & PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd, sponsored by KBC Bank.)

The mural includes a lively section on the…

This is a handmade cushion received by the contributor Alison Killilea. It is decorated with several images of Norse mythology by Swedish artist John Bauer (1882-1918)

The danish passport features a representation of the Christ figure from Side C of the ninth-century Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, also on permanent display in situ at Jelling. The runic inscription on this side of the stone reads (in translation)…

Description from

"Playing cards depicting the Norse pagan gods and characters from the myths as interpreted by Icelandic artist Nína Björk Bjarkadóttir. An explanatory booklet is included in…

Via Wikimedia Commons: Recoloured crop of larger painting showing a romanticised view of the 11th century Althing (Viking parliament) in session. More information at

An illustration of the Lilleberge Brooch. The burial mound was excavated in the late nineteenth century, but the brooch only came to light in 2014 when it was discovered in material from the excavation held by the British Museum. The brooch is Celtic…

LMF5fig1 (1).jpg
This intricately decorated item, discovered in an excavation in Waterford City, was a trial piece, perhaps intended to be made into a comb. It is currently on display in Reginald's Tower Museum, Waterford.

An illustration of the typical forms of the so-called 'short-twigged' or Norwegian-Swedish runes.

An illustration by Annemari Ferreira of a Viking woman with oval brooches, based on items found in the Lilleberge Ship Burial at Lilleberge in Namdalen, Norway. This burial mound produced several important finds including a whalebone plaque and…

This is a diagram of Asgard and the Nine Worlds in the Marvel Universe, inspired by the Norse cosmos. It was produced by Eliot Brown for an Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
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