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The Krogsta rune stone dates from the 6th Century, and is famous for its depiction of a human figure as well as being the only older futhark rune stone from Uppland still in situ. According to the Samnordisk Runtextdatabas, the inscription on the…

"Vikingen" - Isländsk man i vikingadräkt vid Ármannsfell, Þingvellir, Island
("The Viking" - Icelandic man in Viking costume at Ármann Fell, Thingvellir , Iceland.)

Note the lack of horns on the helmet, but outlandish spear and belt buckle.

Postcard depicting a modern commemorative "runestone" in the Jardin des Plantes, Rouen – a gift from the Kingdom of Norway. "In 1911 the city of Rouen celebrated the millenium of the founding of the Duchy of Normandy and the baptism of the…

Postcard from 1900 featuring the younger Jelling stone, DR 42. The inscription reads: Jelling. Runstenen med Dragebilledet og det ældste Kristusbillede i Norden (Jelling: The rune stone with dragon design and the oldest depiction of Christ in…
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