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A silver fibula in the form of a woman with a shield and sword. This has been identified as a Valkyrie, although it may be a shieldmaiden.

A plate brooch representing a prowed ship, from a Viking-Age grave inLillevang in Bornholm, Denmark.For a higher-resolution image see

Viking Age coin with ship, stray find (no location). For a higher-resolution image see

The skull of King Svend Estridsen (Sveinn Ástríðarson), who ruled Denmark from 1047 until his death in 1074 and is popularly regarded as the country's last 'Viking' king. His remains were excavated from his grave in Roskilde…

This fantastic publication covers everything from politics and belief in Viking Age Denmark, to experimental archaeology and the journey of the Sea Stallion. It also includes two chapters on the use of Viking branding in the past and in Denmark today…

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The National Museum of Denmark is Denmark's state museum. It oversees various other museums around Denmark and has a digital collection that can be searched.

Detail of the Gallehus horn (1980 replica)
Detail of the runic inscription on the 1980 replica of one of the Gallehus horns (DR 12 / DK SJy60) in Nationalmuseet, København.
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