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Two silver fibulae depicting women. One shows a woman with two plaits in her hair. The other shows an armed person on horseback with an armed woman holding the horse.

A silver gilt Valkyrie or shieldmaiden figure from Tjørnehøj in Denmark.

A silver fibula in the form of a woman with a shield and sword. This has been identified as a Valkyrie, although it may be a shieldmaiden.

Gauntlet was an eighties video game of dungeon exploration involving killing monsters and taking treasure. The game featured four playable characters, and was one of the very first games to have a playable female character. The characters were Thyla…

Vampiric Valkyries.jpg
A review of the film Berseker: Hell's Warrior. The film is about a Viking cursed to be reborn whenever he dies, and features vampiric Valkyries whose bite turns a man into a berserker.

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Brunnhilde the Valkyrie was a recurring character in the Marvel universe. She has had multiple identities/bodies. The original Brunnhilde died during a revolt staged by Loki, but her spirit lives on in the Earth woman Samantha Parrington. who…

A silver brooch based on Viking Age depictions of Valkyries. If you know the original(s) it is based on, please let us know.

A replica of Rune stone Gs 19 which was destroyed in a fire in the adjacentOkelbo Kyrka,Gästriklands, Sweden. It isone of the so-called Sigurd Stones, which depict scenes from the legend of the Völsungs. It also includes a unique depiction…

The Swan Maidens' is a frieze by Dagfin Werenskiold that is displayed outside Oslo City Hall together with eleven other friezes of his. The friezes are made of pine deck timber, impregnated with linseed oil, and then painted and gilded with gold or…

This pendants (or clothing appliqué) were found in:

1. Suffolk, England (left, upper corner)
2. Tissø, Denmark (right, upper corner)
3. Truso (current Janów Pomorski) Poland (left, lower corner)
4. Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden…

This beautiful ear scoop was discovered in excavations on the island of Birka (Björkö) in the late nineteenth century. It features a figure which has been interpreted as a valkyrie, and was probably a very high-status item.For higher…

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Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is a manga-style, magical-girl parody about a transgendered Valkyrie who fights alongside the Norse gods.

The comic contains adult themes.
Will a cursed artifact ruin the Steampunk masquerade ball of the year? Find out in the latest adventure from The League of STEAM!

For new episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and more, don't forget to subscribe!

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The Edda of Burdens is the title of a series of speculative fiction books by Elizabeth Bear. The story draws on Norse myth and places it in a post-apocalyptic future.

From the album “Myths & Muses” by Serpentyne c&p 2015
Filmed & directed by Bryan Lomax, Storyboard by Mark Powell
Edited by Bryan Lomax, Maggie-Beth Sand and Mark Jenkins
Produced by Serpentyne -

Maggie-Beth Sand - Lead…

Tjängvide image stone (G 110) from near Ljugarn, Gotland and housed in the Historiska museet in Stockholm, Sweden. It includes a runic memorial inscription as well as a series of images including the widely reproduced depiction of a figure on an…

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The Great Valkyrie Keyring by Ninna Thorarinsdottir, designed for Icelandic Craft and Design

Ninna Thorarinsdottir is an Icelandic designer based in Sweden, who produces designs for Icelandic souvenirs, several of which can be seen on…

Discovered in Öland, Köping in Sweden and dating to the Viking Age. It depicts a female figure in elaborate dress holding a cup or horn, and may represent a Valkyrie. For more images of this item, see…

A magnet from a shop in Heimaey, depicting a valkyrie. Original source for this design may be the Öland Silver 'Valkyrie' Pendant
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