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Snowcream Ltd is a milk company based in Glenville, Co. Waterford, Ireland, which uses a Viking ship for the branding of Snowcream milk. For more information, see the website at

A poster produced by Anne-Kathrin Schoerner for the Conference 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Englagement' at University College Cork, 25-26 November 2016 (Organised by the World-Tree Project). The hnefatafl players are based on an…

A replica of Rune stone Gs 19 which was destroyed in a fire in the adjacentOkelbo Kyrka,Gästriklands, Sweden. It isone of the so-called Sigurd Stones, which depict scenes from the legend of the Völsungs. It also includes a unique depiction…

Gorm 1.jpeg
Several of the beers produced by Jelling Bryggeri draw on the prominent Viking heritage of the area, including Kong Haralds Classic, Gorm, Thyras Bryg, and Jelling Guld (with images of the pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus)

#everydayvikings spotted at work (Denmark): Colleague uses 'Viking drinking horn' travel coffee mug. Bought it in Slovakia.

If anyone has further information about Viking heritage in Slovakia, we'd love to hear!

Crowberry Liqueur, produced by Reykjavik Distillery. The description of the product begins 'Are you looking for a real Viking experience...'

Souvenir replica of a Viking cone beaker from Birka made from hand-blown glass and hand-forged iron stand. On sale in Museet Ribes Vikinger.

'Faxe' is Royal Unibrew's strategic export brand, and features a Viking with horned helmet as its logo. This photo was taken in Italy, by Kathryn Maude.

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Dansk Mjød is a brewer in Billund, Denmark that produces mead and mead-based products including beer, mustard and bitters. Their logo is a Viking ship. Photographed in Copenhagen airport.

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Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin is a new product due to be launched in August 2016 and produced by Orkney Distilling Limited. It is branded using the Old Norse name for Kirkwall (Kirkjuvagr or 'Church Inlet') and the website explains that "Kirkjuvagr Gin…

Valhala Hidromel is a company that produces mead in a traditional way, but far from its origins in Northern Europe. The company is based in Campos do Jordão in Brazil, and its products and website feature plentiful Norse imagery, including Thor's…

Dansk Mjød is a brewer in Billund, Denmark that produces mead and mead-based products including beer, mustard and bitters.

A 30% Danish bitter based on mead and produced by Dansk Mjød

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Strong beer brewed by Ørbæk Bryggeri in Denmark, with mead added. The label features an image widely interpreted as Odin from the left side of the Vendel 1 helmet from a seventh-century ship burial.

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Mead produced by Dansk Mjød A/S, in Billund, Denmark and named Ribe Mjød, with a nod to the important Viking market at Ribe. Aimed at the tourist market.

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Mead produced by Dansk Mjød A/S, in Billund, Denmark and named Viking Blod (Viking blood). Aimed at the tourist market.

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Mead Beer brewed by Dansk Mjød A/S, in Billund, Denmark and featuring a Thor's hammer on the label.

Svein Whisky.jpg
Svein, a good Viking name, is one of the Norse-themed brands of malt whisky from the Highland Park distillery. It is part of their Warrior series which also includes Harald and Ingvar. They also have a whisky named for Odin, and have had other…

Scapa Orkney Single Malt Whisky, 2001. A Viking ship is used in the branding of this product.

Ale brewed by Orkney Brewery, for a Shetland Market. Launched at the Up Helly Aa in Lerwick. 'Brewed in honour of our brave Northern men.'
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