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Participants at Tønsberg Viking Festival were invited to learn the art of Viking wrestling. This is a recreation, although we know very little about how Vikings went about formal wrestling contests.

A remix of a public domain image of the Krogsta Rune stone in the archives of the Swedish National Heritage Board, by Lars Lundqvist. This image, which makes a comment on the possibilities afforded by Creative Commons images was produced as part of…

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An article about the resurgence of Norse paganism in Iceland.

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In early 2015 it was reported that a temple was to be built to the old Norse gods in Iceland.
A television programme where a team of ordinary people takes command of the Anglo-Saxon army against the Norwegian army at Stamford Bridge in 1066

Slides for a paper on the Viking game of tafl. The article outlines the history of tafl games. The slides are downloadable as a pdf

Valhala Hidromel is a company that produces mead in a traditional way, but far from its origins in Northern Europe. The company is based in Campos do Jordão in Brazil, and its products and website feature plentiful Norse imagery, including Thor's…

The company website for Íslensk hollusta refers to the fact that Icelanders used Black Salt until the 15th Century, produced from burning seaweed. It is marketed as Viking Salt to tourists.

The Norns
Ribe Viking Centre offers the opportunity to learn more about the Vikings with events and multimedia experiences

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A blog about re-enactment of the Viking Age

Replica Danish Axe
A compendium of the material culture of Viking Age Britain

Many winter swimming clubs in Denmark have a Norse theme, and those brave enough to bathe earn the title of 'viking'.

The Viking shieldwall at a reenactment of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 2013

Harald hardrada (Haraldr harðráði in Old Norse) leads his army onto the field of battle. Reenactment at Stamford Bridge in 2013.

Harald hardrada (Haraldr harðráði in Old Norse) holds court after defeating the local army at York. Reenactment at Stamford Bridge in 2013.

The Saxon shieldwall at a reenactment of the battle of Stamford Bridge in 2013

A table at Stamford bridge with food and vessels laid out to show the types of food available to Vikings

Viking Reenactment by June-Marita Hagen (Norsk).pdf
A discussion of Viking re-enactment.

Original text in Norwegian by June-Marita Hagen of Trondheim Vikinglag.
Translation by Roderick Dale, UCC
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