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The Battlefields Trust website provides information about the Battle of Fulford, including modern maps with conjectural battlefield deployments marked on them.

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A website with information about surveys of the area of the Battle of Fulford which immediately preceded the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Memorial stone and plaque for the Battle of Stamford Bridge in the centre of Stamford Bridge village

The New Inn at Stamford Bridge features a traditional Viking in horned helmet on its sign. The view in the photograph encompasses the modern bridge, but this is probably not the same location as the bridge described in stories of the battle.

The sign for Fulford announces that a battle was fought here on 20th September 1066. The Vikings defeated the people of York in this battle that preceded the Battle of Stamford Bridge

Harald hardrada (Haraldr harðráði in Old Norse) leads his army onto the field of battle. Reenactment at Stamford Bridge in 2013.
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