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For Contributors

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Follow these simple steps to contribute:

1) Go to the 'Contribute an Item' page

2) Select the type of item that you are contributing

3) Upload your item 

4) Fill out as many fields on the contribution form as possible (such as item type, location, date)

5) Check the copyright guidelines

Your item will then be described, tagged and contextualised by a researcher on the project, and become an important part of the World-Tree archive.

Click here to download a pdf file of these instructions.

What information should I provide?

The more information about the item we collect, the more comprehensive the archive will be. You can help with this by filling in as many fields as possible. However, if you don't know where the item is from, or even exactly what the image is, you can still contribute. We will attempt to fill in the rest of the information, and ask for help from other contributors to identify objects.

When filling in the description field, you can include suggested tags if there are any particular search terms related to your item that you think would be useful to other users. We shall then use your suggestions to help with filling in the tags for the item. These tags can be searched for in our database and will make your item easier to find.

It is very useful if you can provide contact details so that we can ask for clarification if we need it, and so that we can let you know how the project is progressing.

You will find guidelines on completing the individual fields on the contribution page and you can watch the information video below, which will take you through the steps needed to contribute.


What are we collecting?

We are collecting all digital items relating to Norse and Viking cultures: images, texts, video and audio clips, lesson plans, web links, presentations, language aids, apps, event reports, and many more!

You can upload photos of Viking-related items, re-enactment events, artefacts, etc. You can provide links to websites about Vikings that you think are particularly useful. You can upload your own thoughts on why Vikings are interesting, add videos about Vikings, and link to books or articles that discuss Vikings. In short, we are collecting as much different material as possible about the Vikings and how people engage with them now, and you can help by submitting as items anything that relates to this.

Contribution Tree

How will my item be used?

Once you submit your material it will be checked by one of the researchers on the World-Tree Project. It will then feature as an item in the archive that can be searched for. It will also become part of one or more collections (or branches of the archive) and it may feature in an exhibit or teaching resource. 

You can browse some of our sample exhibits here.