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Viking Ship Artwork, Dock Road, Limerick


Metal artwork depicting a Viking ship on the side of 1 Steamboat Quay, Dock Road, Limerick, a mixed use apartment and commercial block.

Branding of Orka Coaching Cork


Branding of Orka coaching, Cork, a strength and conditioning gym that takes its name from Old Norse and its branding from a bind rune of the first two…

Vaagö-Lofoten, painting by Hugo Höppener / Fidus


View of the Lofoten Islands painted from a ship in 1913. The runic themed font in the original frame reads 'Your dreaming shores that I saw in this…

Photo of tug named 'Magni' in Reykjavik harbour


A tug / pilot vessel used to guide large ships in and out of Reykjavik harbour - named after Thor's son Magni, gifted with prodigious strength.

MOIRAI - Blood treasure, woven fates - Trailer

This is a short video to introduce MOIRAI's latest concert project on the Old Norse poetic Edda. More information can be found here:…

Snowcream Milk, with Viking Ship Branding


Snowcream Ltd is a milk company based in Glenville, Co. Waterford, Ireland, which uses a Viking ship for the branding of Snowcream milk. For more…

Conference Presentation: Julie Mell and Shaun Bennett, ‘Immersive Visualisations and 3D-Printed Objects in the Teaching and Curating of Viking Sites and Artefacts’

Julie Mell and Shaun Bennett (North Carolina State University), ‘ Immersive Visualisations and 3D-Printed Objects in the Teaching and Curating of…

Project Launch: The World-Tree Project


Tom Birkett and Roderick Dale. Launch of the World-Tree Project. Presentation at the IRC-Funded Conference ''Rediscovering the Vikings', UCC, 25 Nov.…

Conference Presentation: Nelleke IJsennagger, ‘Rediscovering the Vikings for Frisians and Frisia for “Vikingists”’


Nelleke IJsennagger (University of Groningen/Frisian Museum), ‘ Rediscovering the Vikings for Frisians and Frisia for “Vikingists”’. Chaired…