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Bar named after the Vikings in this small town in A Coruña, near Santiago de Compostela. The Vikings did reach this part of Galicia, first raiding the coast in the mid ninth century, but the connection to the Vikings in this specific town is not…

The pub sign for the Swordsman Inn at Stamford Bridge

Sports Pub in Yuba City, CA which uses a Viking cartoon figure with horned helmet in its branding. For more information, see

The New Inn at Stamford Bridge features a traditional Viking in horned helmet on its sign. The view in the photograph encompasses the modern bridge, but this is probably not the same location as the bridge described in stories of the battle.

Danish Invader.jpg
Statue of a Danish Viking (with horns) outside the Danish Invader pub, Empingham Road, Stamford, Lincs. Stamford was one of the five Danish burghs in the Danelaw. Danish Invader built in 1968
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