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Blaa Thor oel.jpg
Blå Thor. [Blue Thor] Royal warrant. ‘Denmark’s most beautiful beer.’ Brewery Synnestvedts Bayerske Ølbryggeri established in Randers, Denmark, 1850, renamed Thor in 1873. Blå Thor beer launched 1964. Won Brussels…

Red Erik to.jpg
Red Erik beer. ”Fruity, aromatic, ruby red with pink foam.’ Branded Ceres brewery, which was founded 1856. ‘Purveyor to Danish court’ from 1914. Became part of Royal Unibrew, who closed it as separate brewery in 2008.

Valravn (8).jpg
Valravn organic stout. ‘Dark as the soil of Funen’. From Bryggeriet Frejdahl.

Valravn organic stout from microbrewery Bryggeriet Frejdahl, Assens, Denmark. Frejdahl brewery established 2015 as part of Bryggeriet Vestfyen (West Funen…

Mawson Littlebro.jpg
Ægir Bryggeri is a micro-brewery in Norway that takes its name from the giant Ægir who brewed the ale for the god's party in Lokasenna.

Ales produced by Einstök ölgerð, and featuring a viking with beard and horned helmet on the label (the Einstök logo).

Gorm 1.jpeg
Several of the beers produced by Jelling Bryggeri draw on the prominent Viking heritage of the area, including Kong Haralds Classic, Gorm, Thyras Bryg, and Jelling Guld (with images of the pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus)

A strong fruity beer from Orkney that uses the Scar bone plaque as part of its image.

Viking Ale and Battle Axe Ale by Rudgate Brewery

York Beer and Cider Festival is being marketed with a Viking in a horned helmet called Beerwulf.

'Faxe' is Royal Unibrew's strategic export brand, and features a Viking with horned helmet as its logo. This photo was taken in Italy, by Kathryn Maude.

DSC01830 (960x1280).jpg
Strong beer brewed by Ørbæk Bryggeri in Denmark, with mead added. The label features an image widely interpreted as Odin from the left side of the Vendel 1 helmet from a seventh-century ship burial.

DSC01829 (913x1280).jpg
Mead Beer brewed by Dansk Mjød A/S, in Billund, Denmark and featuring a Thor's hammer on the label.

Thor is a wheat beer from Finland. The label shows Thor in his cart pulled by his goats.

Brewery in Denmark named Thor from 1873. This image was photographed on a beer crate.

Ale brewed by Orkney Brewery, for a Shetland Market. Launched at the Up Helly Aa in Lerwick. 'Brewed in honour of our brave Northern men.'

Sports Pub in Yuba City, CA which uses a Viking cartoon figure with horned helmet in its branding. For more information, see

2016-06-23 (1).png
A pale lager from Iceland brewed by Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson

3 Viking IPA.jpg
Viking India Pale Ale from Braunstein Bryghuset, a microbrewery in Køge, Denmark. On special offer in supermarket, June 2016.

DSC00956 (960x1280).jpg
T-Shirt from a tourist shop in Iceland featuring a Viking drinking from a horned beer-helmet. This playful t-shirt combines two of the most common perceptions of the Vikings - that they wore horned helmets and that they were heavy drinkers.

DSC00959 (960x1280).jpg
T-Shirt advertising Egils Brewery, depicting a Viking drinking from a horn with the caption 'Choice of Vikings'. Viking imagery is used widely in the Icelandic brewing industry.
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