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Valhalla by Koskenkorva.jpg
Valhalla herb liqueur from Koskenkorva distillery, Ilmajoki, Finland. ’The spirit of Nordic legends.’ ‘The herb shot for real warriors.’ On promotion in Danish supermarket Føtex 2016. Story-telling website

Blaa Thor oel.jpg
Blå Thor. [Blue Thor] Royal warrant. ‘Denmark’s most beautiful beer.’ Brewery Synnestvedts Bayerske Ølbryggeri established in Randers, Denmark, 1850, renamed Thor in 1873. Blå Thor beer launched 1964. Won Brussels…

Red Erik to.jpg
Red Erik beer. ”Fruity, aromatic, ruby red with pink foam.’ Branded Ceres brewery, which was founded 1856. ‘Purveyor to Danish court’ from 1914. Became part of Royal Unibrew, who closed it as separate brewery in 2008.

Valravn (8).jpg
Valravn organic stout. ‘Dark as the soil of Funen’. From Bryggeriet Frejdahl.

Valravn organic stout from microbrewery Bryggeriet Frejdahl, Assens, Denmark. Frejdahl brewery established 2015 as part of Bryggeriet Vestfyen (West Funen…

Viking Schnapps.jpg
Viking Schnaps is an alcoholic drink available in various flavours that are named for the Norse gods. Its tagline is 'Pure natural drink for real Vikings)

On the gift table at a party in Jutland, Denmark: Jyde Mjød [Jutland Mead] from Dansk Mjød [Danish Mead]. 20.6%. Fermented honey with hops & bitter.

Mawson Littlebro.jpg
Ægir Bryggeri is a micro-brewery in Norway that takes its name from the giant Ægir who brewed the ale for the god's party in Lokasenna.

A bottle of cognac commemmorating the Oseberg ship. The bottle is displayed with other items depicting the modern reception and reuse of the Vikings.

Gorm 1.jpeg
Several of the beers produced by Jelling Bryggeri draw on the prominent Viking heritage of the area, including Kong Haralds Classic, Gorm, Thyras Bryg, and Jelling Guld (with images of the pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus)

Balder is a digestif like Jägermeister and similar spiced liqueurs. It uses a Lewis gaming piece rook as its logo, but also plays on the name of the Norse god Baldr as part of its marketing strategy.

York Beer and Cider Festival is being marketed with a Viking in a horned helmet called Beerwulf.

Clontarf whiskey named for the battle of Clontarf in 1014 when Brian Boru defeated a Viking army. The whiskey's story fails to mention that Brian Boru had Viking allies, or that he died in the battle.

screenshot orkney gin.jpg
Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin is a new product due to be launched in August 2016 and produced by Orkney Distilling Limited. It is branded using the Old Norse name for Kirkwall (Kirkjuvagr or 'Church Inlet') and the website explains that "Kirkjuvagr Gin…

Svein Whisky.jpg
Svein, a good Viking name, is one of the Norse-themed brands of malt whisky from the Highland Park distillery. It is part of their Warrior series which also includes Harald and Ingvar. They also have a whisky named for Odin, and have had other…

Vodka product making reference to the Vikings. The website at describes the brand as 'Made by people who conquered the cold.'
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