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A brand of sausage from Wikinger, which uses a Viking ship as its logo. This photo was submitted from Germany, but the brand also has a British market of hotdogs. The connection to the Vikings is not clear!

Bar named after the Vikings in this small town in A Coruña, near Santiago de Compostela. The Vikings did reach this part of Galicia, first raiding the coast in the mid ninth century, but the connection to the Vikings in this specific town is not…

Logo of Norrøna: a Norwegian brand of outdoor clothing , from 1929. The logo may be based on the skiiers in the famous painting 'Birkebeinerne på Ski over Fjeldet med Kongsbarnet' (item #2843)

Rover started as a bike manufacturer in 1878 and began manufacturing cars in 1904 until 2005. The Viking ship logo appears on Rover cars from 1929 onwards.

The logo of 'Friends of the Viking Ship' which aims to "to facilitate the preservation of the 1893 Viking Ship as an important artifact from the Columbian Exposition, and to advocate its public display in a permanent museum setting with adequate…

Ales produced by Einstök ölgerð, and featuring a viking with beard and horned helmet on the label (the Einstök logo).

A shop in Tønsberg selling brewing kits and offering courses in how to brew beer. It uses a stylised version of the Oseberg ship as its logo. The shop also uses a rune-like font to reinforce the Norseness of its brand.

Gorm 1.jpeg
Several of the beers produced by Jelling Bryggeri draw on the prominent Viking heritage of the area, including Kong Haralds Classic, Gorm, Thyras Bryg, and Jelling Guld (with images of the pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus)

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan), as explained in the exhibition at Kongernes…

Norrøna uses a logo of a Viking's head that immediately reminds of Knud Bergslien's painting 'Birkebeinerne'. The head is positioned as if the Viking is skiing downhill, representing the outdoor activities focus of the shop.

This food truck, sent to us by TSP @morangles, is named Au p'tit Viking, and draws on the Viking heritage of Normandy in its branding, which includes a horned helmet.

These sherbet glasses are part of the Viking range produced by the Dema Glass company in Chesterfield, England (no longer in operation). Their logo was a viking ship, as pictured here.

VikingGenetics owned by VikingDanmark: coop owned by cattle breeders in Denmark, Sweden & Finland. 30.000 member farmers. Breeds: VikingRed. VikingHolstein. VikingJersey.

From the official website:“VikingGenetics is among the world’s largest…

King Sitric.png
A restaurant and accommodation in Howth, Co. Dublin named after the Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin, King Sitric (Sigtryggr). They use a horned helmet in their logo.

Armour All is a company producing automotive care technologies. Their logo is a Viking with horned helmet, as photographed here in a store in Cork, Ireland. You can see the development of the logo on the history section of their website:…

Vintage Viking aftershave for men, featuring a horned helmet as its logo. Seen in Arthur Mayne's Bar in Cork.

This company offers horse riding tours in the Reykjavik area, and draws on the Viking origin of Iceland's distinctive breed of horses in their branding and logo, which features Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged horse).

This motif featuring Viking ships was photographed in Oslo City Hall in 2006. Thank you to Love Archaeology and Royst for information about the location of this item.

According to their website, Yara is "the world’s largest producer of ammonia, nitrates and NPKs, providing the foundation of Yara’s fertilizer and industrial solutions'. The website at explains the…

Viking folding bike.jpg
Folding 'viking' bike produced by the Viking Cycles company which was based in Derry, and was bought by Manchester-based Avocet Sports. Their logo was once a Viking Ship. Item submitted by Elena Coderoni.
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