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A photograph of the logo of motocross riding gear company 'Thor', seen in a shop in Dubin. For the company, see their website

A traffic light box outside Four Couts in Dublin painted with a scene entitled 'The Viking Holiday' by Hugh Madden, as part of the Dublin Canvas Project.

DSC02991 (2000x1499).jpg
A parrel of oak which was used to help hold the yard to the mast and aid with lowering and raising the sail. Used on a medium sized ship. From Wood Quay excavations.

DSC02988 (1581x2000).jpg
Breasthook from the bow of a boat or ship from excavations in Fishamble Street in Dublin. Dated between the tenth and twelfth century.

Antler double-sided comb from High Street (E71:13196) and antler comb case from Christchurch Place (E122:14135).
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