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A silver gilt Valkyrie or shieldmaiden figure from Tjørnehøj in Denmark.

DR (Danish state broadcaster) news story 7th October 2016- 5cm 8th century Odin figure found August 2016 by amateur at Mesinge, Hindsholm, Funen, Denmark. Østfyn Museum: What looks like horns appears to be ravens Huginn og Muninn,

This type of…

Pewter Viking figurines from Vikingskipshuset in Norway. They have horned helmets and a full range of weapons.

Lewis chessmen.png
The Lewis chessmen were found in 1831 at Uig on Lewis in the Hebrides. They were probably made in Trondheim, Norway in the late 12th or early 13th century. They are on display at the National Museum of Scotland

This amber cat was found at Birka in Sweden. It is about 3cm long and looks like a sitting cat.
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