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This mask is one from two exemplars which have been found rolled in a ship discovered in harbour at Hedeby / Haithaby (currently Germany). They have been used as caulking of a hull.
The mask, presented on the photo, has been made of red felt. It…

Maja Berserk 1.jpg
Witcher III is a fantasy RPG that features Viking-style berserkers at one point. These berserkers are warriors who change into animals in battle, becoming engines of slaughter with no care for their own safety. They can only return to human form once…

Vampiric Valkyries.jpg
A review of the film Berseker: Hell's Warrior. The film is about a Viking cursed to be reborn whenever he dies, and features vampiric Valkyries whose bite turns a man into a berserker.

Medi-Evil Nutrition markets one of its pre-workout formulae as 'Berserker', claiming that it is 'Inspired by the legendary warfare fury of the Norse Vikings. Medi-Evil Berserker™ was forged on the gym battlefields, and contains one of the largest…
Scandinavia. In the year 968, Osvald, the cowardly Viking, and his brave but not too bright brother Sigtrygg, set out to revenge the murder of their father. As much as Osvald loves to be a hero, he detests putting himself at risk of any kind, and…

Lewis chessmen.png
The Lewis chessmen were found in 1831 at Uig on Lewis in the Hebrides. They were probably made in Trondheim, Norway in the late 12th or early 13th century. They are on display at the National Museum of Scotland

A model of one of the Lewis Chessmen warder figures, bought in Stornoway in 2015.

Apollo - Breen.jpg
Breen's PhD thesis on the Old Norse berserkr. The thesis itself is not available to view online but the link provides details of how to view it.

Breen, G. J. (1999). Berserkr in Old Norse and Icelandic literature. (doctoral thesis).

An essay about berserksgangr from the perspective of a modern Asatru follower and priest of Odin.

A blog post on The History Channel programme 'Unconventional Warfare' and its approach to presenting the Viking berserk.

A film described as 'The Viking Hunger Games'. This trailer shows one way that popular culture engages with the Vikings, in this instance the Viking berserkers who were supposed to have been an unstoppable, berserk Viking warrior.
This one has been a long time coming, but now I'm glad that I've said it. It may disappoint many die-easy fans of unnecessary carnage, but the truth about berserkers is that they may have been a great deal more sensible and human than the…
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