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Allegory in Heathenry; influence on the Viking Faith.pdf
Personal interpretation of Viking faith, inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and influenced by spirituality and theosophy.

From the contributor:

"Rediscovering the profound þeosofi and spirituality in Heathenry - every concept, and the many…

2016-08-15 (3).png
An article about the resurgence of Norse paganism in Iceland.

2016-08-15 (2).png
In early 2015 it was reported that a temple was to be built to the old Norse gods in Iceland.

An essay about the mixing of religion and politics in modern heathenry that considers how different groups within heathenry interpret the texts.

Reconstruction of a Níðstang outside the vǫlva's dwelling in Ribe VikingCenter. The Níðstang was a deeply insulting public act of scorn, and is represented in the sagas as a carved pole covered with a horse's head. The scorn of…

This is an interpretative reconstruction of vǫlva (or seeresse's) dwelling at Ribe VikingCenter. This building is inhabited by a re-enactor who holds pagan (or Ásatrú) beliefs, to add to the authenticity of the setting ant the rituals…

An essay about berserksgangr from the perspective of a modern Asatru follower and priest of Odin.
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