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The Ytri-Ásar sword was found by hunters at Ytri-Ásar in southern Iceland in 2016. It is being conserved now and was on display briefly when this photograph was taken.

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The Battlefields Trust website provides information about the Battle of Fulford, including modern maps with conjectural battlefield deployments marked on them.

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A website with information about surveys of the area of the Battle of Fulford which immediately preceded the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Hilt of the one from three swords, which were found in Busdorf (Germany) situated in the west of Hedeby. This sword belong to the type S according to Petersen classification (Petersen J. 1919. De Norske Vikingesverd. En typologisk-kronologisk studie…

Memorial plaque reads: "In Commemoration of a Great Naval Battle fought with the Danes in Swanage Bay by Alfred the Great D877". For more information see here

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'This paper deals with archery in the Viking Age settlement of Birka and in particular the presence of Euro Asiatic, steppe nomadic archery equipment at the Birka Garrison and one Birka grave.'

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A late-10th century shield made of fir was found in Denmark some 60 miles west of Copenhagen, near what the article calls Viking-Age 'castles'.

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A discussion about two-handed (Dane) axes, looking at typologies, and the evidence for their use.

Hurstwic, LLC provides training services and related merchandise related to the research and practice of Viking-age combat as embodied in the innovative Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system
A Viking Army under Olaf Trygvasson had been raiding the eastern and southern coast of England in the summer of 991AD unmolested until Byrhtnoth, with the men of Essex, cornered it on Northey Island, near Maldon in August. The two armies faced each…

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An article about the Viking sieges of Paris in the ninth century.
The following clip shows an attempt at reconstructing a Viking Age shield boss (type R564). The purpose of the forging was to better understand the various steps involved in shield boss construction processes by experimental archaeology.

This has…

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From the website: 'The aim of this research project is thus to assess the extent to which the round shield can illuminate Viking Age martial practices. More specifically, the research employs a practice approach towards understanding Viking Age…

The Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo has six axes with bronze fittings on their shafts in its collections. The axes all date from the last part of the Viking Age, and there are photographs of them in the museum's online collections.

A selection of Viking Age swords on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo, Norway.

The Vikings is one of several medieval attractions at Puy du Fou Theme Park in Les Epesses in the west of France. The attraction features a Viking ship emerging from the water and an attack on a fortified village with pyrotechnics.
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