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These photographs are of several full-sized shields around Tønsberg Viking Festival. They feature a range of designs.

Leather, lamellar-style armour on a stall at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. This type of armour is based on a find from Birka, whose origins were in Central Asia or Siberia. There does not appear to have been a native tradition of wearing this type…

DSC02577 (1280x960).jpg
A piece of leather, possibly from a shield or leather armour. From the Fishamble Street excavations. E141.

Gjermundbu hjelm.jpg
The only surviving Viking Age helmet. It is on display in Oslo

The Gjermundbu helmet is the only Viking Age helmet that has been found in Norway. It was found in a burial mound near Haugsbygda in Ringerike in 1943 along with remains of mail armour, 2 spears, 2 axes, 4 shield bosses, spurs stirrups, and several…

This is a group of reenactors dressed as Viking reenactors at the massive Battle of Clontarf Festival in April 2014. This item may be useful for anyone with an interest in how Vikings are portrayed at Living History and Reenactment events.

Viking Helmet mask.pdf
A paper helmet mask based on the Gjermundbu Helmet of Norway, dating to the second half of the 10th century (sometime between 950 and 975AD). This work was created as part of the participant packet for attendees of Viking Fest, Lodi, California.…
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